About Us

Our brand is based on the ideas developed by Dr. Aydın Arslan during his more than twenty years of experience as a physician to ensure that people receive the right supportive therapies.  Due to the variety of collagen-containing support therapies already produced and in use and the inadequacy of some forms, More Collagen has been produced in order to provide the right support therapies tailored to the individual as a result of R&D studies to delay the signs of aging on the skin and hair while simultaneously protecting joint health and making the musculoskeletal system healthier.

The purpose of More Collagen is to replace the collagen that is rapidly decreasing in our body after a certain age and to ensure the restructuring of connective tissues.  More Collagen liquid and powder form is targeted as a rejuvenation product that can affect skin, hair, nails and joints at the same time by evaluating the health of people as a whole.  More Collagen tablet form has been developed especially for joint health and is an effective formula for joint cartilage, meniscus and ligament injuries; providing musculoskeletal pain control and preventing and supporting the treatment of arthritis.

More Collagen forms aim to protect human health, prevent and support the treatment of hair loss, skin wrinkles, nail disorders; joint, bone, connective tissue disorders, cellulite formation and vascular diseases that may occur over time with advancing age.

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